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Image: Three smart drills; Copyright: Empa


Sensitive drills


Hearing-impaired people whose auditory nerve is still intact can often be helped with a cochlear implant. But inserting the implant into the inner ear is not without risks, as facial nerves can be damaged in the process. Empa researchers have developed a novel smart drill that minimizes the risk by automatically shutting off when it comes near nerves.
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Image: Multiplex biosensor; Copyright: AG Disposable Microsystems/Universität Freiburg

AG Disposable Microsystems/Universität Freiburg

SARS-CoV-2 detection in 30 minutes using gene scissors


In its most recent study, the research group headed by microsystems engineer Dr. Can Dincer of the Department of Microsystems Engineering, University of Freiburg introduces a microfluidic multiplexed chip for the simultaneous measurement of the viral load in nasal swabs and (if applicable) the blood antibiotic levels of COVID-19 patients.
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Image: A drop of a solution hanging from a pipette. This is held over a microtiter plate, which is filled proportionally.; Copyright: KAUST | Anastasia Serin

KAUST | Anastasia Serin

Bioreactor keeps cell culture conditions under control


A cell-culturing technique developed by KAUST scientists helps to create biological conditions that more closely mirror physiological environments compared to standard protocols used in most laboratories today.
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Image: bubble model; Copyright: HZDR/Blaurock


A nanoscale view of bubble formation: A new model now describes the boiling process with much greater precision


When a liquid boils in a vessel, tiny vapor bubbles form at the bottom and rise, transferring heat in the process. How these small bubbles grow and eventually detach was previously not known in any great detail. A German-Chinese research team under the leadership of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) has now managed to fundamentally expand this understanding.
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Image: From left to right: Thuringian Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, Federal Minister of Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger and Prof. Dr. Popp; Copyright: Leibnitz-IPHT


From ideas to instruments: a visit at Leibnitz IPHT


Light-based technologies offer enormous potential in the fight against infectious diseases. Their research as well as the development of effective diagnostic methods and therapies are to be revolutionized in Jena in the coming years with the Leibniz Center for Photonics in Infection Research (LPI).
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Image: Experimental setup with a diamond and green laser light; Copyright: Arne Wickenbrock

Arne Wickenbrock

Using quantum sensor technology to improve brain tumor operations


In the future, quantum sensor technology is expected to further improve the assignment of functions to certain brain areas – via new diagnostic devices that, among other things, refine neuronavigation. A consortium of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz is working on this in the new DiaQNOS project.
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Image: An employee with a tablet scans a QR code affixed to a machine; Copyright: Fraunhofer IWU

Fraunhofer IWU

New demonstration and transfer center at TU Dresden: facilitating SMEs' entry into AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize processes and tap considerable potential in the production and manufacturing industry. However, how do small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular get started with suitable AI applications?
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Image: Researchers of the GRK 2430 work together in the analytical laboratory at the ITM of the TU Dresden; Copyright: ITM/TUD


Intelligent materials for robotics and prostheses


Researchers based in Dresden are going to develop a completely new class of materials in which actuators and sensors are integrated directly into flexible fibre composites – contrary to the state of the art.
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Image: Dr. Sahar Salehi-Müller during her lecture at the 2022 annual congress of the German Ophthalmological Society; Copyright:

Bayreuth expert in biofabrication wins award for innovative therapy


Dr. Sahar Salehi-Müller from the Department of Biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth has been awarded a Sicca Award by the Dry Eye and Surface Diseases Section of the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists in Germany (BVA)
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Image: rapid PCR test system; Copyright: Fraunhofer IMM

Fraunhofer IMM

PCR platform for fighting pandemics – fast, open and digitalized


Fraunhofer researchers are currently developing a scalable, open and digitalized PCR test system that will produce results in just 15 minutes. The compact demonstrator system will be on display from November 14 to 17 at the joint Fraunhofer booth at the COMPAMED.
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