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01/18/2022: 4D printing


Interview: 4D printing: thermal energy shrinks printed objects; Interview: COMPAMED 2021: Smart biosensors for intensive care applications; Video: Intestinal plasters - Biocompatible hydrogel technology prevents leakage; Review of COMPAMED 2021; News: What your sweat says about your health; News: human; News: Machine learning for morphable materials
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12/14/2021: Patch after intestinal surgery


Video: Intestinal plasters - Biocompatible hydrogel technology prevents leakage; Interview: Cryoanalytics laboratory observations; Special: COMPAMED 2021; Review of COMPAMED 2021; News: Researchers train AI to predict new compounds; News: 3D Laser Nanoprinters Become Compact; News: Stretchable pressure sensor could lead to better robotics and prosthetics
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10/13/2021: Clean air in production


News: Clean air at all times; News: E-textiles: So hot right now!; News: AI-driven dynamic face mask adapts to exercise, pollution levels; News: MEDICA/COMPAMED Event database 2021; News: COMPAMED 2021 moves to Halls 13 and 14
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09/16/2021: Sustainable bio filter


Interview: Filters made from renewable resources for medical applications; News: Electronic nose can sniff out when a lung transplant is failing; News: TU Dresden researchers develop an implantable AI system; News: Smallest biosupercapacitor provides energy for biomedical applications; News: MEDICA/COMPAMED Event database 2021
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