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12/15/2016: Epilepsy: Sensor increases patient safety


Video: Epilepsy - Wearable sensor improves patient safety; Special: "All Roads Lead to Rome"– Different Implants for Different Patients; News: Neurorobotic hand exoskeleton restores grasp function to quadriplegics; News: New capsule achieves long-term drug delivery; News: Tiny gold particles could be the key to developing a treatment for pancreatic cancer
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11/21/2016: That was COMPAMED 2016


Video: Visitor voices and impressions - a day at COMPAMED; Video: Digitalization - networked sensor technology at COMPAMED 2016; Photo gallery: The colorful diversity of COMPAMED; Video: Exhibitors of COMPAMED 2016
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11/11/2016: Double pack before COMPAMED 2016


COMPAMED 2016: Live coverage!; Special: Material development for implants – for every application the right material; Interview: Ultrasound: energy source for active implants; News:Accelerating cancer research with deep learning; News: Imaging technique maps serotonin activity in living brains; News: Nanowires as sensors in new type of atomic force microscope
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10/17/2016: Nanoparticles for the MRI


Special: Infusion Pump Problems – Help from Sensor Technology; News: Scientists create novel imaging technique with potential for medical diagnostics; News: Brain-sensing technology allows typing at 12 words per minute; News: Using nanotechnology to target inoperable tumors; News: Fast lab-on-chip detects effects of poison; News: Ultra-thin ferroelectric material for next-generation electronics
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09/15/2016: Nanoparticles for the MRI


Interview: Nanoparticles for the MRI – Smart contrast agents; Special: Small but Mighty: Sensors and Pumps Ensure Patient Safety; News: Leukaemia blood testing has "massive potential"; News: New sensor technology could speed up blood test analysis
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08/15/2016: Sensors and pumps - small assistants in daily routine


Special: Sensors and pumps – small and effective; Video: COMPAMED 2016 - High-Tech Solutions for Medical Technology; News: Sustainable sensors to detect, predict muscle fatigue; News: Non-invasive imaging method for showing oxygen in tissue; News: Wound dressings made from bacterial alginate
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07/15/2016: On the road to nanomedicine


Interview: Nanotechnology: a key to the future of medicine; Special: Photonics - lasers and beams improve diagnostics; Video: COMPAMED 2016 - High-Tech Solutions for Medical Technology; News: Combining technologies cracks vaccine chiller issue; News: Tampering with the current in a petri dish; News: 3-D printing produces cartilage from strands of bioink
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06/15/2016: New nanomaterial for roll-up touchscreen display


Special: Laser technology: producing and assembling micro polymer components; Video: High-Tech Dentistry – Precision 3D Scanning with the Intraoral Camera; News: New nanomaterial offers promise in bendable, wearable electronic devices; News: Electronic device detects molecules linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
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05/17/2016: Maintain your posture!


Special: Infrared optics: micro and nanostructures provide new insights; Interview: Sensor suit to alert you when your posture is bad; News:Novel anti-biofilm nano coating developed; News: 3-D fabrication technique for bio-inspired hierarchical structures
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01/15/2016: Ultrashort pulse lasers: cutting light into portions

Interview: Laser: clean cuts with ultrashort pulses; Video: Impressions from COMPAMED 2015; News: Polymer puts new medical solutions within reach; News: Strong and flawless 3-D printed ceramics; News: Self-adaptive material heals itself; News: Diamonds may be the key to future NMR/MRI technologies
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