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The stuff of medical technology

Image: A metal implant in a model of the human jawbone; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

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Image: Textile electronics at your fingertips: At the opening of the Textile Prototyping Lab, the new devices could be tested live; Copyright: Fraunhofer IZM

E-textiles: So hot right now!

Messe Düsseldorf and exhibitors make valuable contribution to COVID 19 vaccination campaign

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Image: Hospital corridor in an operating room, people are recognizable; Copyright:

Hygiene: coatings against microbes


Image: Recording of the material under different conditions, thread on black background; Copyright: DTNW

Filters made from renewable resources for medical applications


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Image: Mann gives a presentation at the COMPAMED Suppliers Forum by Device Med; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

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Session: Microprecision, Manufacturing and Processing - Wednesday, 17 November 2021

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Our hygiene and infection protection concept for MEDICA and COMPAMED trade fair 2021

Foto: ProtAction - Hygiene and infection protection at the trade fair entrance

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Material development for implants

Image: Laboratory test kit on blue background; Copyright: Fraunhofer IKTS

Radiation sterilization

Photo: radiation chamber in blue; Copyright: BGS/Markus Steur Fotografie

Materials at virtual.COMPAMED 2020

Image: Silicone tubes for medical and pharmaceutical applications; Copyright: RAUMEDIC AG
Due to its high degree of purity, silicone is particularly suitable as an implant and for use in biotechnology. Due to its good recovery behavior, silicone tubes are also suitable for use as pump tubing.
Image: Housing solutions for medical technology; Copyright: acad group GmbH
Express injection moulding is also worthwhile for small quantities, as an alternative to additive processes.
Image: Transparent, golden Wearable; Copyright: Fraunhofer ENAS
Fraunhofer ENAS develops processes for the deposition of different types of Parylene for high quality thin film encapsulation of medical implants, MEMS and organic electronics.
Image: Theranostatic implant; Copyright: Fraunhofer ENAS
An implant for in-vivo blood pressure measurement. The complete system consists of a pressure sensor, an ASIC for data and energy management (Fraunhofer IMS) as well as an acceleration sensor for measuring the position of the patient (Fraunhofer ENAS) and an interposer as a base substrate.
Image: Titanium/ titanium alloy component; Copyright: Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc.
Micro component made of micro powder of titanium/ titanium alloy.
Image: Injection molded parts; Copyright: FLEIMA-PLASTIC GmbH
FLEIMA-PLASTIC GmbH produces injection moulded parts according to customer requirements.
Image: Blue laser fibers on a red roll; Copyright: OFS
From the ablation of brain tumors to the treatment of leg veins, OFS fiber optic solutions help the medical industry meet the daily needs of people.
Image: Optical glass fibers; Copyright: SCHOTT AG
PURAVIS® was awarded the German Innovation Prize and provides intense, precise light for medicine and industry.

Networking with the AI-based matchmaking tool of MEDICA/ COMPAMED

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