Hardware Trojans in microchips: "The sky's the limit" -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Hardware Trojans in microchips: "The sky's the limit"

Interview with Dr. Steffen Becker, Faculty of Computer Science - Embedded Security, Ruhr University, Bochum


Image: a 1-cent coin looks huge alongside a microchip lying next to it; Copyright: RUB

A microchip lies next to a seemingly huge-looking 1-cent coin. The chips can only be examined under a scanning electron microscope.

Photo: two men standing side by side and smiling into the camera - left: Dr. Steffen Becker; Copyright: RUB, Marquard

Dr. Steffen Becker (left) and his colleague Endres Puschner develop methods to identify manipulations on chips.

Picture: Image of a microchip in a scanning electron microscope ; Copyright: RUB, Embedded Security

To keep the error rate as low as possible, the researchers need optimal conditions in the laboratory. Shown here in the picture is a tiny impurity covering several standard cells.

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Image: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

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