KIT’s high-performance computer optimizes materials for medical technology -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Image: With a bang, Maria Pappa, Mayor of St.Gallen, officially opens the Health Innovation Hub with confetti in front of an audience; Copyright: Switzerland Innovation Park Ost AG/Karin Tanner

Switzerland Innovation Park Ost AG/Karin Tanner

Innovation Health Hub combines inspiration with medical innovation


The grand opening of the Health Innovation Hub at Switzerland Innovation Park Ost (SIPO) laid an important foundation stone for future innovations in the field of healthcare. The hub serves as a platform for networking experts from research and industry to jointly drive forward innovative projects in the areas of wearables, health monitoring and disease prevention.
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Photo: Preview picture to the video

COMPAMED 2024 – High-Tech Solutions for Medical Technology


Who are the people behind medical technology? You can meet them 11 to 14 November 2024 at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf. Visit the leading international marketplace for the medical suppliers’ industry and product development and get excited!
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Image: a printed hand in the 3D printer being pushed out by hands; Copyright: envato/FabrikaPhoto


Patient-specific solutions from the 3D printer


Complex 3D printing can be used to produce individualized parts for medical technology purposes. Robin Day, Head of the Energy Beam Processes department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, explains in an interview with how companies are supported with advice and service.
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Image: A man in a suit speaks into a microphone; Copyright: beta-web GmbH / Messe Düsseldorf

Medical technology rethought – WILDDESIGN GmbH


You can discover the art of designing medical products with WILDDESIGN at COMPAMED 2023! In the video you will learn about the influence of good design on medical products and which innovative solutions are possible. Learn about the challenges and opportunities and see creative design ideas. Have fun!
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Image: Man with a beard stands in an exhibition hall and speaks into a microphone; Copyright: beta-web GmbH / Messe Düsseldorf

Networking and cooperation take center stage – at COMPAMED 2023!


At COMPAMED in Düsseldorf, the suppliers’ industry for medical technology meets every year. The companies here focus on small components, high-end materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies – all to create the medical products that are presented at MEDICA in the neighboring halls. That’s why COMPAMED is not only about technology, but networking and cooperation.
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Image: Preview picture of video

A visit at Comate – Trends in medical product development and design


In the field of medical design, constant development is required: from the design of medical devices to components and materials to new production processes. In this video, engineer Joris Bellens and business developer Lukas Stabel explain how the Belgian company Comate develops state-of-the-art products from the initial idea to the market-ready product.
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Image: A man and a woman stand in front of a terminal on a large machine and work on it; Copyright: eakkachaih


Focusing on the human – knowledge and assistance in production


Providing the best possible support for people in production, transferring their knowledge and maintaining their ability to work for as long as possible is becoming increasingly important for companies, a trend report by Fraunhofer IPK makes clear.
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Image: a man holds up a lens with his left hand and looks at it; Copyright: envato/svitlanah


PFAS ban: "Most of the PFAS substances used industrially do not pose a risk to humans or the environment"


The intended European Union ban on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is causing discussion throughout Europe. Many companies in the medical technology sector fear that they will no longer be able to reliably manufacture products as before. We talked to expert Dr. Martin Leonhard, who chairs the medical technology section of the German industry association SPECTARIS.
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Image: Security architecture 2.0 blue diagram for telematics infrastructure; Copyright: Fraunhofer AISEC

Fraunhofer AISEC

Future-proof security architecture for healthcare communications


Germany’s telematics infrastructure (TI) aims to allow healthcare professionals to exchange patient data securely, rapidly and from anywhere. The platform for healthcare applications will soon see a new security architecture. The aim is to make it easier to exchange data between all parties involved as well as to facilitate access to specialist services.
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Image: a graphic depicting the process of the procedure; copyright: Willfried Kunz and Patrick Altschuh

Willfried Kunz and Patrick Altschuh

KIT’s high-performance computer optimizes materials for medical technology


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has unveiled a cutting-edge €1.2 million computer dedicated to materials research. This powerful tool can predict material properties even before they are produced, significantly enhancing the potential for optimization, including in the realm of COVID rapid tests.
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Image: a woman and a man sitting in front of a laptop. The words


IT security in hospitals


Hospitals collect a great deal of patient data, whether in admissions or when using medical technology equipment such as MRI or ultrasound. Unfortunately, it has been shown time and again that this data is not as well protected as it should be - hacker attacks sometimes paralyze entire hospitals.
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Image: Four men in a bright room: Prof. Jens Krzywinski in conversation with the directors of the participating Fraunhofer institutes; Copyright: Christin Scholz / Fraunhofer IVI

Christin Scholz / Fraunhofer IVI

Establishing design as integral component in research and development


In its various disciplines and manifestations, design is increasingly gaining importance in Fraunhofer's research. Supporting this trend, the three Fraunhofer Institutes IVI, IWS and IWU in Dresden, together with Technische Universität Dresden, are establishing the "DesignLab for Applied Research" on behalf of the research community.
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